Visa Information

Visa Type : Business Visa Country : CANADA

Passport: Valid passport with at least 6 months validity from the date of travel

1 Form: To be filled online and sent along with the barcode receipt automatically generated after clicking VALIDATE button on the visa form  with family detail sheet. All Form need to be filled SAME as per the passport and must be SIGNED by the applicant

Online Visa application: please visit form section and click respective attachment

Two copies of Original Barcode Receipt sheet

Photographs: 3 Photos (only white background)

Covering Letter: Covering Letter (addressed to Canadian High Commission)

Exchange/Credit Card Copy

Invitation Letter:  Invitation letter from the company in Canada

Income Tax papers: Copy of Income Tax papers for last 3 years

Bank statement: 06 months Bank Statement

Salary Slip: Last 06 months

 Proof of Employment

 Proof of Ongoing Business activities between Canadian company and applicant

Contract between applicant business and Canadian business.

VFS Consent Form to be filled in and signed by the applicants only

Authority Letter : To be signed by the applicant.


  • Please note that the information on visa form needs to EXACTLY SAME AS GIVEN ON THE PASSPORT
  • If an applicant does not have any given name or surname in the passport, Request you to please enter name mentioned in the passport at family name field in the application form and leave the given name blank. 
  • Please do not put n/a in the name field.


Medical Requirements: Travel insurance is mandatory

Visa processing time: 04- 06 working days


Under the new CAN+ program, Indian nationals who have travelled to Canada or the United States within the last 10 years will be eligible for simpler and expedited visa processing. 

If a traveler provides the evidence of the previous travel, no other supporting documentation will be required and CAN+ applications will be processed in a maximum of 5 working days.