Visa Information

Visa Type : Tourist Visa Country : PHILIPPINES

Passport: Valid passport with at least six month validity from the date of travel

Visa form: 01 VISA form

Photographs: 1 Photo (only latest camera clicked taken within one month of visa application).

Photocopy of the passport (1st page and last page) is MUST

Covernig Letter: Covering letter addressed to The Visa Officer, Embassy of Phillipines on Letterhead.

Air Tickets: Return Confirmed Ticket with Ticket number.

Confirmed hotel booking


[Applicant having any of the above VALID VISAS can enter Philippines WITHOUT VISA, if still wants to apply in India, will have to give STRONG reason in COVERING LETTER in support of him/her applying visa here.]

In case of a married couple travelling together Marriage Certificate is required to be attested by HOME+MEA+EMBASSY and embassy can also ask the same for any couple at random.

Financial Documents:

  • 1- Personal Bank Statement for last Six months in original with original bank seal with minimum 80,000 balance.
  • 2- Personal IT Return last three years.

Pax direct contact number, either landline OR mobile.

Birth Certificates Attested by HOME+MEA+ Philippines for children of 20 years or less.

If Children below 15 years not accompanied by the Parents then VEG is required to be attested from HOME+MEA+EMBASSY.[Note: VEG is a NOC Letter signed by both the parents on a Stamp Paper attested by Local Govt].

If Spouse is Philippino then Spouse Name should be indicated in the Visa Applicants passport copy and report of Marriage issued by the Philippines Embassy or Philippines Govt.

Any document if asked to furnish by the Embassy should be submitted within 5 Working Days from the day it is been asked to submit by the Embassy, failing which the applicant is required to apply afresh along with all the documents by paying the visa fees again.

For Tour Group Visiting Philippines:

In addition to the above mentioned requirement, the following documents in relation to the Group are also required:

  • Notarised Agreement between the Indian and Philippines tour operators,covering at least (1) year period[Authenticated by MEA].
  • Certificate from TAAI / TAFI / OTOAI, that the Indian Tour Operator/travel agent is a bonafide member of said association, of good standing and has been doing business for certain number of years.
  • Copy of the tour package on the Letter Head of the Philippines tour operator, created for the tour group handled by the Indian tour operator/travel agency with (1) Name of passengers with passpor details. (2) Hotel name that group will be using while their stay in Philippines. (3) Detailed Itinerary of the destination chosen by the Group to visit. (4) Exact arrival and departure dates of the group.

VISA Processing time: minimum of 03 days are required