Visa Information

Visa Type : Tourist Visa Country : CROATIA

Passport: Valid passport with at least 6 months validity from the date of travel.Color Photocopy of the passport- All pages need to be photocopied in color. Old passports also need to be photocopied as well.

1 VISA Form: (To be filled by the applicant)

Photographs: 01 photo (with white background and 80% face coverage).

Exchange (Minimum Euro 50 per day) Or Credit Card Copy with 3 months statement.

Covering Letter: Covering Letter (addressed to Embassy Of The Republic Of Croatia.).

Air Tickets: Return Confirmed Ticket.

Day to day Tour Itinerary

Hotel Booking on hotel letter head and person signing should write his name and contact number.

Travel Insurance.

Employment letter: Proof of Current Employment / business / School enrolment on official Letter head

Bank statement:Personal Bank Statement (6 months).

IT Returns: Personal IT Returns (last 3 years).

Original Endorsement Receipt Of 1500 Euros Required.

Travel Medical Insurance 

Declaration form:  (To be filled up and signed by the applicant). Please download this form from our website forms section.

Authority Letter for submission and collection of the passports (form available in our website).


Applicants having Schengen Long Term valid /Multiple Entry Visa will not Require to obtain Croatia Visa

VISA Processing time: minimum of 10 to 15 working days required