Visa Information

Visa Type : Business Visa Country : INDONESIA

Passport: Valid passport with at least 6 months validity from the date of travel.

Visa Forms to be printed and signed after filling up online

Photographs: 02 Photos (Red background ONLY).

Covering letter: Addressed to Embassy Of The Republic Of Indonesia.

Invitation Letter: Invitation to be faxed directly from Indonesia to the Embassy with one copy along with the documents to us PLS NOTE THAT THIS IS MANDATORY. Please also note that the Invitation Letter should beaddressed to Embassy of The Republic of Indonesia and NOT to Consulate of Indonesia. Exchangeor International Credit Card copy.

Air Tickets: Return Confirmed Ticket.

Bank statement: Latest 6 month's Personal Bank Statement.


For Business with stay more than 30 days - Additionally Telex Approval from Indonesia Approval required from Immigration Department (Jakarta) which needs to be faxed or telexed directly from immigration department to the Indonesian Embassy, New Delhi.

VISA Processig time: Minimum of 03 working days required