Visa Information

Visa Type : Tourist Visa Country : ITALY

Passport: Valid passport must not be older than 10 years also it must be valid for at least THREE MONTHS longer than the intended stay. The passport must also have at least TWO BLANK PAGES to affix the visa and should be along with all old passport booklets.

02 VISA Forms: (Printed back to back, ONLY) to be filled and duly signed at two places(column #37 and in last) by the passenger in his own handwriting only.

Photographs: 02 Photos (as per Schengen Specifications).

Detailed Covering Letter: (Addressed to The Embassy of Italy) from Indian Company (on company letter head) mentioning duration of visit and the detail of business activities with the Italian Company, Indian Company Details etc.

  • Covering Letter should have an instruction to dispatch the passports to the below mentioned address after visa approval.
  • Write-up on the cover letter should be like as mentioned below:- -------
  • Please courier my passport to the following address:- Pax Name: __________ Address: 30/28, IIIrd Floor, (Opp. Mughal Mahal Restaurant) East Patel Nagar, New Delhi – 110008

Hotel reservation Or Proof of accommodation.

Letter from employer mentioning employment details and granting leave for the specified period.

Air Ticekts: Return Confirmed Ticket showing departure date preferably after 10 working days (although cases will be accepted with ticket showing any departure date).

Other proofs of adequate financial ties/ guarantees.

Travel Insurance as per Schengen specification, matching with ticket dates with risk coverage of Euro 30,000.

IT Returns papers - personal for last 3 years.

Bank Staement: Original Bank Statement(personal) - for last 3 months with original Bank Seal and Signature is Mandatory.


In Case of Honeymoon couplesspouse name MUST to be endorsed on the passport. or original marriage certificate attested from home dept. and ministry of external affairs in Delhi and also note before marriage without endorsement of spouse name we can apply with engagement photographs and wedding card.

Authority letter on letter head/blank sheet from pax authorizing Mr. X of Traveller's Choice Pvt Ltd to submit and collect the documents on his behalf.

No Objection Certificate:  From working company with ID proof of the Signing Authority.

BIOMETRIC MANDATORY for all Applicants w.e.f. 02-Nov-2015. (Please see instructions below);


  • Incase of minors the application form is to be signed by both the parents and if the child is school going an approved leave application form from school.
  • In case of minors is unaccompanied or with one of the parents then affidavit attested from relevant home department is required

Appointment for visa submission to be taken through VFS web site.

East India issued passport to be applied in Kolkata.

Embassy have stopped accepting the passports which are handwritten or have any observation on the front data page Hence, all such passport holders are requested to get a fresh passport booklet to apply for Visa. 


From 2nd November 2015, Biometric is mandatory which will be valid for 59 months. Personal appearance for visa application submission is mandatory for every traveler after 2nd November. Applicants who have undertaken the biometric after 2nd November, are NOT required to go for biometric again for next 59 months 

Kindly note that in case of any shortcoming in visa form or documents, the applicants would be asked to take a fresh appointment and visit again. 

Following travellers are exempted from Biometric

  • Children under 12 years of age
  • Persons for whom the collection of fingerprints is physically impossible
  • Sovereigns and other senior members of a royal family, Heads of State and members of the national Governments (with their official delegations and spouses) if they travel for official purposes.

Biometric will be valid for a period of 59 months, hence, the travelers who haveundergone biometric for Schengen country after 2nd November 2015, willNOT NEED to undergo biometric for their next Schengen travel in next 59 months. 

Medical Requirements: Travel Insurance as per Schengen specification, matching with ticket dates with risk coverage of Euro 30,000.

VISA processing time: Minimum of 03 to 05 working days required.