Let’s accept it. VISA is a word that gives even the most seasoned of travelers the jitters.
At Traveller’s Choice we make the visa process as low stress as possible.
Traveller’s Choice pointers to get a visa
  • 1)The International Civil Aviation Organization has mandated that all passports should be machine readable or biometric for it to be eligible for travel since November 2015. Handwritten passports and passports with more than 10 year validity (Indian passports) are no longer accepted as valid travel documents.
  • 2) Your passport needs a minimum of three months validity from the intended date of return travel if you are traveling to the Schengen states in Europe. Most other countries require you to have a minimum of six months validity from the the intended date of return travel. Passport needs to be issued with a ten year validity period. Exceptions apply for minors and lost passport cases.
  • 3) The passport needs to be without any damages but not limited to dis-colouration of the passport data pages, stains on passport pages, tears on the passport pages or damage of the passport centre page threading.
  • 4) Many countries require you to have a passport that does not have observations/ comments about your bio data (first page) of the passport.
  • 5) ECNR clearance is required if you travel to certain countries on a work/ residence permit.
Purpose of visit
  • 1) Tourist - General documentation required will be pertaining to valid accommodation and travel
  • 2) Business - General documentation required will be an invitation letter from the inviting company or individual with proof of their business/ work.
Financial Ability
  • Countries you intend to visit will verify your ability to sustain yourself when you visit as a tourist or for business purposes. Generally documents are accepted for proof of financial abilities which includes bank statements, income tax returns, employment certificates, salary slips and travel insurance.
  • Ties to the native (home) country -
  • The Embassy/ Consulate issuing a visa also considers the visitors family and other ties to his/ her native country.
  • For detailed checklists and visa consultancy, send us an email